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Founder and President of Praise Aerobics, in Riverside, California, and Truth N Love Ministry Int’l, Gina Guy has a heart to see the Body of Christ transformed through The Word and The Workout. She believes the two cannot be separated, and when God’s people are disciplined, and diligent, deliverance belongs to the Lord.
“The season is upon us where the Lord is requiring a greater discipline on our end so that He may bring deliverance to the areas we have struggled with time and time again. We cannot deliver ourselves, but if we walk out Proverbs 16:3, and commit (roll away, into the Hands of God,), our plans and desires, then He will make them stable, unshakeable, successful.”
Gina has an incredible prophetic gifting and insight to take each person to their next level by assessing where they are physically. “All truth is parallel, and if we cannot push through in the natural, we will never be able to sustain the spiritual tasks ahead”.

Gina has two daughters, Ronni, and Lauren whom she home schooled for 6 years. Both are now attending Universities.
Gina preached the gospel to thousands in destitute regions of Africa where she has had the privilege to minister to governors and officials of different countries as well as educating and implementing hands on training raising up groups of widows from the 100 day war between Rwanda-Congo that resulted in mass slaughter.
She is no stranger to the effects and judgment of divorce in the church, sexual abuse, the sting of betrayals and rejection, as well as experiencing 3 deaths from crack cocaine in her early 20’s. Gina walks in victory over these trials, and therefore operates in the fire and power of the Holy Ghost.  Gina is a living sign and wonder that everything the enemy stole from her, has been returned both financially and spiritually! She is a carrier of revival and teaches “Schools of Ministry”, educating leaders on how to prepare for the next move of the Holy Spirit, as well as how to implement this move into the church body in total order.

“We cannot conquer what we aren’t willing to face. At some time in our lives, pain will be inevitable and for many, pain has become perpetual. Jesus made it to the cross, with every possible obstacle to keep Him from His final destination. We all have a great destiny and a purpose to which we were born on this earth to accomplish. We can make it through the pain in our lives IF WE UNDERSTAND OUR TRUE PURPOSE and allow the pain to take us to our next level, not to the level of those around us!

Those who refuse to allow their present circumstances dictate their vision, and walk in truth which is always progressive, will accomplish that which they have been called to do.“

These are the saints who burn with intense passion. Not just on Sunday’s; Because they have endured great pain. This has prepared them for their great Purpose!




Gina M. Guy, Founder of Praise Aerobics™, is a speaker and teacher with a Prophetic calling, as well as certified in personal training, nutrition and homeopathic health

Gina is available for speaking engagements,
Women’s retreats
Health and Fitness Seminars


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